Real Issues – Decline

by Terry Plotkin


Here is a subject that our leaders will not utter a peep about: The Empire – The American Empire – is in decline. The signs are everywhere: Glorifying Militarism existing within a state of perpetual war; a strong-armed Federal Government that is eroding our civil rights; a declining standard of living with wages that have been falling since 1979; a Government inspired all pervading climate of fear; a population that has lost its nerve in standing up for its rights; poor health habits amongst the population; concentration of wealth in the hands of fewer and fewer people; more people in jail per capita than any other country in the world; loss of our moral compass and leadership on the world stage; and an inability to solve or even to face up to our problems. Each one of these issues are all good topics for the series I am blogging about concerning Real Issues that are ignored by politicians and the corporate media.


Indeed, this lack of focus by most everyone on the decline of the American Empire is so pervasive that I would guess most people, leaders included, don’t even think that America is an Empire.  But sometime around WW2, America became the dominant world power replacing England and Germany. This dominance, as is the way with Empires, exists in most spheres of life: culturally, economically, militarily, and diplomatically. If history teaches anything, it is that civilizations that opt for world dominance, luxury and ease at home especially for the few, economic exploitation backed by the military abroad, will not last. The corruption and decadence that results will cause its undoing. If anyone thinks that the U.S.A. is sending its military all over the world to help foreign people, or to bring democracy and freedom to troubled lands is paying no attention whatsoever to what is actually going on. The U.S. Army is not a charitable, school building operation.  They are overseas to protect “our” economic interests. “Our” is defined as American based international corporations that are making a fortune feasting on the resources, both raw materials and labor, of less fortunate lands. Yes, that’s right, American Corporations are not at work all over the world trying to lift other countries out of poverty. Please. These notions are myths.


It would be a great day for the country if we could forget about being Number 1 – whatever that means – and refocus our energy on becoming a truly democratic republic and thus allowing the people here to live up to their great human potential. I don’t just mean economic potential either; we are much more than that.

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