Real Issues – Sperm Decline

by Terry Plotkin

You may have missed an interesting and alarming study that was just published, as it got very little press. This is not surprising when the news is focused on the utterances of Speaker Boehner and his opinion on how we have to help billionaires keep their wealth so they can employ us to enrich them even more, or the CIA Director’s sexual dalliances, or even the Republican slam down of an international treaty promoting the rights of the disabled. A strange group they are.

With all this so called news of people who do everything they can to make sure nothing of consequence ever happens there was no time to report what scientists just found out about French Men. You know what they say about French men, and the great lovers they are. Well, in spite of their reputation, over a 16-year period from 1989 to 2005, their sperm count declined by a third. This is an enormous drop off in a very short amount of time. One in five men now have a sperm count low enough to prevent fertility. Shocking. It is a good thing that not too many men know about this as they have a thing about their fertility.

Why is this happening? Prof Richard Sharpe, from the University of Edinburgh, said: “Something in our modern lifestyle, diet or environment like chemical exposure, is causing this.” Yes, yes that sounds likely even though it doesn’t say very much. What life style? What chemicals? Or maybe there is something more sinister going on? (I will not speculate lest I be called a conspiracy theorist. A nut case is what you will be called if you accuse the elite of doing anything in concert to control people.)  Regardless, it seems to me if we wanted to know the answer to this very important problem, which if it continues on its present trajectory could lead to mass infertility in men, we could find it.  An honest investigation and study done with great urgency is needed before there is a dearth of babies.


In the meantime, I say eat organic food, live clean, and opt out of the crazy modern life style just to play it safe. What have you got to lose besides your alienation, and who knows, you might even gain some sperm. Well, if you are a man that is.

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