San Juan River

by Terry Plotkin

i am off on an adventure

two weeks in the southwest

eight days on a kayak down the san juan river

wilderness camping

never done anything like this before

best to do it now

before i get too old

can’t say why i have the urge to go

but when i am done i expect to be glad i did it.

i won’t be able to post as i am out of range

no phones no lights no tv

could be heavenly

i’ll let you know

3 Responses to “San Juan River”

  1. Terry, I have done trips like this before and always seem to have transformational experiences. But transformations are mixed bags.

    For me, the trickiest part is that the adventure is wonderful. Wonderful in the sense that I am able to experience each moment as a new creation, a new experience – and new in the sense that the moment rules – no past, no future, just an awesome present that unfolds in unexpected and spectacular ways. Exceptional beauty! Sensual discoveries! Emotional releases! Awesome everything!

    Then the vacation ends. There is a residual joy, a relaxed attitude, lingering memories that continue to release endorphins. There may even be a continuation of “living in the moment”, but probably not as strongly felt as when “on vacation”.

    In your post, you anticipate “heaven”. I wonder (and hope) that this you bring this heaven back home.

  2. I have been of the river for almost 2 weeks and I still dream about it at night. I don’t have so much endorphins going on as the need to sleep and rest from my vacation.

  3. Correction:
    In your post, you anticipate “heaven”. I wonder (and hope) that you bring this heaven back home.

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