If a credible institution offered you a 15% return on your money, people would form a line around the block to get in on it.
I can picture the commercial now: Double your money in 7 years! Come on in! Hurry while supplies last!  And if you act now, you’ll lessen the chance of having to fight another war over oil! This incredible offer will let you have an impact on stopping global warming! This can all be yours for a small investment in your children’s future. There are no hidden fees and no gimmicks. All guilt free. Think of the smug pleasure you can have when you see your foolish neighbors struggling to pay their high heating and utility bills, slaving away at their second and third jobs, while you lie in the sun making vitamin D and reading a book on a nice summer day. Yes! this can all be yours.
This offer won’t last forever as state and federal tax credits will expire in the next few years. That’s right, if you act now the Government will give you money to pay for this amazing offer! All you have to do is invest in solar panels on your roof and all these savings can be yours. Don’t have southern exposure? Not a problem! Just invest in a producer coop and you can get the same savings and more by owning a few panels in a large array next to your neighbors and friends who will own their panels. Call your local utility company or appropriate town officials to find out how. The time to act is now. This planet may not last forever.
All hype aside, this offer exists. People are sometimes way too slow to see a good investment opportunity even when it hits them in the face. Makes me crazy. Why be so passive in your investments when you can put your money in something that you believe in? You just have to spend a little time looking into it and find out for yourself. I’d rather invest my money this way than watch it grow at .5% in the bank or play roulette in the stock market, never quite knowing my shares are contributing to.  My house does not have southern exposure so solar panels will not work there, but my town is starting a producer coop for those with the interest to invest. I will be able to purchase panels on an empty old industrial piece of land. I am also going to look into heat exchanges to heat and cool my house. All of it done by the sun. Enough with the oil already.  This is a simple technology whose time has come. Check it out. I’m in.

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