How to take him down. Part 1


This is my inaugural post after a long hiatus on Inauguration Day.  A day where my brother is sitting shiva. That is what Jewish people do when they are in mourning. I will watch none of the events. I can’t bear it.  

We are in trouble. Real trouble. And we have to act like a vector, and change the way this is going.  

So the march in Washington and all over this country is just one thing, and important thing, the first of many.

Here are some facts for you given in a time where facts aren’t popular. Of all voters who cast a ballot in the general election, 25 percent were black, Hispanic, Asian, or a member of another minority group. But those voters were 42 percent of those who didn’t vote. Drilling down a little further, black voters made up 11 percent of voters who cast a ballot and 19 percent who didn’t. This disparity really hurt Clinton because black voters (by 82 percentage points) and Hispanic voters (by 40 percentage points) overwhelmingly favored her, while white voters went for Trump by a 16-point margin in the SurveyMonkey poll

Young people between the ages of 18 -29 were twice as likely to not vote as people in the older classification. Hilary won that demographic by 30 points. (These figures come from

Here is my first idea on how to bring him and what he stands for down: We should stay out of the argument that goes nowhere with those who disagree with us. It only feeds their anger.  Instead, we should engage with those who agree with us, but who don’t do anything, and get them involved. That is where our organizing should start. Most of all, get them to vote starting in 2018. Young people and minority people especially. We must get them to understand the issues and what is at stake, and then get them to vote while we have a semblance of a democracy to participate in.

Maybe see you on the streets?


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  1. Terry so good to see you emerge from the void. Your absence was so prolonged that my memories of you are mere vestiges of the truth.

    Still, there is enough left of you in me to spark a resurrection. Thank you for implanting that spark years ago so that it catches fire at this most important time.

    I know it’s easy to blame those who didn’t vote and allowed the beast to take the throne. But I think we can’t be overly harsh on the good people. Instead we need to recognize that the foolish fox-loving people have been systematically indoctrinated with poisoned interpretations of the truth.

    I can assure you that any person who regularly watched fox news over the past 8 years has been little-by-little warped to a state of mind that does not recognize goodness and instead revels in mean-spirited judgement.

    Starting from that compromised attitude, the fox-loving man like a newborn babe in the arms of a dictator, willingly kneels down to the anointed master – he will do anything to please the master. He will allow 20 million people to lose their healthcare and grow sick until death do they depart. Those deaths, the fox-loving man believes, are the fault of the imposter born in Kenya.

    We have a monumental task. I sat eating lunch with a couple friends the other day. I held my tongue about the trump because I knew them to be fox-loving men. But I couldn’t stay silent. I blurted out, “Can you believe what trump is doing!?”

    They reacted as though I was someone they never met. They frowned and averted their eyes. Then one of them said, “I want trump to succeed.” I responded, “So do I! But I’m going to watch him very carefully and be prepared to call my congressmen if he steps out of line.”

    They looked at me as if I was proposing infanticide. These are my friends, and I felt like it wouldn’t take much for them to turn me in if I got too far out of hand. I don’t know why I felt that, but I think it speaks to an undercurrent of something toxic to humanity.

    Anyway, there’s not a lot of protestation in Tampa, but however small, I will be a part of it and lend my small voice to the millions who may actually correct this colossal mistake – and put us back on the good road.

    God, it pisses me off that it’s come to this!!!

  2. Birdman I am happy to hear from you. Florida is a great place to organize. Glad you are there.
    The story you tell of your friends speaks volumes. We have let this go on for too long without responding and now it has come to this. We are called. We can do this.

  3. Yes, thank you, this Monday I will attend a meeting of the Democratic party in Tampa. I will work (in my small way) to be a part of the movement.

    I tell you – my heart bleeds for the millions who might suffer as a result of this abomination of humanity. I’m not just talking of the trump, I’m talking of the cloud that settled on our nation. The cloud that hides the goodness in all people – that hides the revelation that we are beings of light.

    It should be so simple – just move towards compassion, empathy, courage, kindness, truthfulness, integrity. Let that guide our thoughts and actions.

    Why are people so addicted to violence, to bigotry, to selfishness? I don’t get it. Are we evolving or devolving? Are we ascending with the angles or embracing the demons? The choices can’t be more clear.

    Terry, how can we spread this message?!

  4. Well. it is fortunate that you live in Florida. it seems to me to be one of the best places to organize.
    It is a swing state, a multi-cultural state, and prime for solar and wind energy. Joining and forming a local group to see what can be done while linking up with other groups near you is what people are doing here in Massachusetts. It seems even more important to me that you do that in Floriday

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