Take him down Part 3

Birdman is organizing in Florida. He has joined the local Democratic party in Tampa. That is great. Florida is the best place to organize. It is a swing state, it is multi-cultural, it is perhaps the best place in the world for alternative energy to take root.

There are affinity groups forming here in Western Massachusetts. They plan on  taking action where they can and link up with other groups. As we build our strength, the consciousness will spread in obvious and mysterious ways.  We can change the culture in which politics operates.  After all, we have the moral high ground.

Earth Day is on April 22. Those that believe in science and facts and climate change as a real threat, are marching in Washington and elsewhere to bring the point home.  I am going to Washington for the march. I hope you all find a way to plug in.

Be well.


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  1. Hi Terry,
    Sounds great. I seem to be out of the loop(s) and would love to know what local people are doing. Maybe your next post could be something about that?

  2. will do

  3. Good to have your news, Terry. I’m v. glad Birdman is active in FL. People comment that he-who-shall-be-nameless didn’t win the popular vote. True. One also needs to factor in people who didn’t vote. For sure, they are not content with what is going on now. Let’s not forget the people who voted Independent. They also are outraged at the fascistic activities we are witnessing. That’s why the Jan 21st gatherings around the country (not to mention around the world) were so YUGE.

  4. Hi Terry. I am not void of hope when I read blogs like yours , hear commentary from your friends like The Birdman, see the volumes of verbal protests on Social media and talk to idealistic 19 yr. olds like the young woman I met at my Uncle’s funeral over the week-end. Her biggest concern is the environment and that’s great. With SO MANY horrific injustices being commited by this government, it may be necessary for one’s sanity to pick and choose one’s 2 or 3 fights in which to become involved. I hope we, this country and the world survive the reign of the orange baboon. The optimistic view is that this will bring us (the SANE and conscientious) together and we will truly unite as one.

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