Hathor on Mars

A discovery and exploration of a pyramid on Mars alters humanity’s view of its history and its future. The book is filled with fast moving adventure, insight into the human condition, triumph of the human spirit, and tragedy that haunts our lives.

It is the first book of a trilogy, and if I had my way, an upcoming blockbuster movie. Hathor on Mars is the kind of book that can be read and enjoyed by people of all ages and varying interests.

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Here is a short excerpt:

He took a deep breath and as he exhaled the computer signaled to fire the retro-rockets to slow his speed. He responded and then looked out the window and saw only a black abyss. As he descended into what seemed like nothingness, he screamed to the desolate planet: “Here I come. Catch me!”

Ten minutes or two hours, Jeremy had no idea how long he dropped into darkness and silence. “Easy. Easy. Be aware.  Be ready to act quickly,” was what Jeremy thought he heard Williams say, but his presence was no help, it felt as tense as Jeremy did.  The shuttle jolted as two of the shuttle’s legs touched land. The other two kept moving down. The slope of the angle increased and then the whole thing rolled. With all that he was contending with, Jeremy had forgotten to strap into his seat after checking the supplies. His head crashed into the ceiling and as the shuttle completed its roll, he flew to the floor. If the shuttle punctured he knew he was a dead man. The inside of the ship was intact, but the passenger was injured. The blow to the head and the shock of what he had gone through caused Jeremy to lose consciousness.

Williams’ spirit understood that the shuttle had landed. His life force rose towards the ceiling and out of the shuttle. He could not stop it from happening. The last thing Colby Williams viewed as he rose upwards was a massive pyramid.

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